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Tax Mitigation

We have been mitigating taxes for over 30 years. During that span we have added additional new net worth of over $5.3 billion for our clients. Through our success and experience, we’ve built a treasure trove of tools to use based on your needs to get results few others can.
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Business Planning

The exit from your business may be the most important exit of your life. Properly preparing for a large windfall is critical in determining how large of a harvest you receive. Our goal will be to minimize your silent partner’s take (the IRS) to the irreducible minimum, so you can reap the rewards of your hard work on your terms.

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Retirement Planning

Did you know your 401k or IRA is set to lose up to 40% of its value upon mandatory distribution? As part of our wealth management services, we specialize in removing up to 90% of these taxes, increasing your net worth, and letting you have significantly more money for retirement. Tactical Tax & Estate Planning works to allow you to retire sooner with substantially more money at your disposal.

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Estate Planning

Sound estate planning begins with the end in mind. We position our clients to be protected both legally and on a tax basis by taking a proactive approach. Walking through your desires and planning for unforeseen circumstances is the difference between an average estate plan and a superior one.

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Legacy Planning

Reducing taxes in your legacy plan is the difference between one that creates generational wealth and one that doesn’t. Working in step with your estate plan, we ensure that no matter who the beneficiary is, your assets will be in a position of strength in the face of outside interference.
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Risk Mitigation

Assets should be profitable and exposed to less risk. Our wealth management experts have a deep understanding of how to efficiently transfer capital to put you in a position of strength no matter how the market moves, so the scales are always weighted in your favor.

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Let's Connect

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